New Year, New Logo (Same Great Service)


The Story

Valley Services was started as an idea in a small appliance repair shop in Glendale Arizona way back in the mid 70’s when Larry Callaway was apprenticing for his Uncle Mack. Larry was learning the appliance repair trade while also attending college for a degree in business management and trade school to learn the HVAC industry. By 1978 the groundwork was laid and he and his new business partner Jerry started A-1 Speedy Service, Inc. The name was selected to get top billing in the local yellow pages but the business would be known officially as Valley Services.

The Logo

With a ruler and a pen, Larry created the original logo which was an inverted triangle with a lightning bolt streaking through the middle. The idea was to convey fast and precise service which is what our company built on and is still how we operate today.

In 2007 the business was passed down after the loss of both Larry and Jerry and Valley Services in its second generation, is still family owned and operated. With Brianna and Curtis now at the helm, the logo was updated in 2014 to a cleaner, newer look.

Fast forward to 2020 and after surviving the tragedy of losing the founders, two recessions and the roller coaster ride of a global pandemic, Valley Services is introducing the first ever major logo redesign.

The new logo better reflects the Phoenix community that we have had the pleasure of being a part of for so long and the phoenix bird was also selected because, symbolically, Valley Services has survived and adapted through amazing circumstances.

About the author 

Curtis Callaway

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