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What Do You Know About Your HVAC System?

If your answer is, “not much, why?” Well, then, Desert Dweller, you’re not alone. But… you’re probably not that cool either. I know, you’re probably thinking that was a real nasty (and, well, an uncool) thing for me to say, but hold on for a second; don’t be such a hot head! I’m not trying to offend your sensibilities here. If you would just read on for a bit, you’ll get my meaning about being cool.

Can My HVAC System Really Help Me Be Cool?

We’ll get to that, but to begin with, please understand that if you haven’t gotten to know your HVAC system, you really shouldn’t feel badly. There are many others just like you. However, and more importantly, the superb fact that you are still reading this article, tells me that you don’t want to stay a part of that uncool group! How do I know this? Because those that want to be cool are, like you, among the growing trend of internet searchers seeking knowledge of their HVAC. This article (along with others in this blog) will help you to get acquainted with your HVAC system. Then, you can leave behind all the dweebs who have yet to realize that not only can your HVAC system help you to Be Cool in Arizona, but many other things to help you live a life of comfort.

How Can My HVAC Help Me to Live a Life of Comfort?

Well, to answer that, let’s begin with what the letters HVAC represent. Because these letters truly do stand for a system that can help you to Live a Life of Comfort. And, yet the opposite is true too. Not knowing how this system works, can also bring you grave discomfort. Sounds vital, doesn’t it? Well, actually, it is. So, let’s not delay your understanding any further.

So, What Exactly Does HVAC Mean?

To define the meaning of HVAC, we just have to consider each of the individual letters. They each represent a particularly important unit within the system as a whole. The H stands for Heating, the V stands for Ventilation, and the A and C stand for Air Conditioning. This system, as a whole, is what controls and feeds the outside air into your living space, and then, returns it back out again. If you think of this overall system (the HVAC), as the respiratory system for your entire household, you may begin to give it the respect that it deserves. The truth is, whatever you and your household are breathing into your own personal respiratory systems, is coming directly from the overall respiratory system of the HVAC. In other words, there is absolutely no possible way for you to be breathing in clean, refreshing, untainted, non-toxic air, unless that is what your HVAC system is controlling and feeding you. Certainly, you can now understand how vital this system can be. And how important it is for you to become invested in the efficiency of this system.

Why Is It Important to Invest in My HVAC System?

The saying, “What Goes In, Must Come Out,” really bears true to the health, vitality, ease, and comfort we are experiencing in our daily living, due to the efficiency of our HVAC system. If our HVAC is struggling to feed us that clean, refreshing air that we expect, in the quality, quantity, and temperature that we need, then what goes in, will most certainly come out in many ways undesirable. Think increased health symptoms, such as fatigue, trouble breathing, heightened allergies, congestion, breathing problems, sore throats, dry coughs, headaches, skin conditions, eye irritation, and flu-like symptoms, to name just a few. And what about the house itself? Will the quality, quantity, and temperature of the air, that is being channeled throughout it, come out in ways undesirable there too? Well, how about a carbon monoxide leak? That alone, can be a fatal mistake, and not just a poor judgement in your HVAC investment. But, okay, that may seem drastic to some, so let’s just think about life every day in dust, mold, rooms too hot, rooms too cold, unfavorable humidity, dead, stagnant air, or perpetual stink? Does any of that sound desirable? I doubt that any of you would want to live in a home like that. And guess what? Neither would any prospective buyers, (just in case you were thinking of unloading your poor investment onto an unsuspecting blockhead). That brings us back to, “What Goes In, Must Come Out”, but this time… think of a healthy investment into your HVAC system, and the profitable return to your health, longevity, household quality, and home resale value. And I’m sure that you can now recognize many aspects to how your HVAC can help you to Live a Life of Comfort.

So, in summary, Desert Dweller, are you going to Stay Cool in Arizona and use good judgement with all of the new knowledge you have learned about your HVAC system and the importance of investing into it? I’m sure that you can realize the value in understanding it, along with some measure of regard for, each of the individual units in your HVAC system. And for that purpose, you may want to continue to read other blogs about these specific components and how best to invest in their efficiency. Afterall, we expect them to keep us in a constant state of comfort in our homes (and with, of course, the least amount of adjustment). Yet, all the while, our summer temperatures are rising considerably, here in the Valley of the Sun, and our HVACs are still working extremely hard to meet our expectations of comfort. Let us not wait any longer; now is the time to come to the aid of our HVACs. For, if we do not give of our time now, by getting to know what they need to continue to do their job efficiently, and investing in them as needed, what then comes out in the end may not be the means to Live a Life of Comfort, nor even to Stay Cool in Arizona.

“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” – Will Rogers

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